Pool of Siloam

As you stand by the Pool of Siloam, imagine this:
You are standing by this large pool of water in the days
of Jesus. Throngs of pilgrims adorned in white robes are moving about you, entering into the waters to wash themselves from the dust of their long journey to the holy city
of Jerusalem before entering the Temple court.
Suddenly there is a commotion as a small group of men are guiding a blind man, his face covered in clay, in the direction of the pool. Slowly they bring him down the stone steps cut into the side of the pool and when he is about waist deep,
he bends down and washes the caked mud from his blind eyes. And then suddenly he begins to jump and leap for joy. He can see! How did this happen? He looks around for the one who sent him, but he can nowhere be found. (John 9:7)

Today that ancient pool first mentioned in the Bible by Isaiah (Isaiah 8:6) may be covered in earth but much has been exposed through archeological excavations, including the entrance and steps to the pool. Each year more is being revealed as the pool as it existed in Jesus’ day begins to fully emerge. Coins found at the site mixed in the plaster used to coat the pool verify its construction during the time of Herod’s Temple. We may not now have the once pristine waters of the Pool of Siloam to cleanse us from our disabilities, but we do have the love of God and His Messiah to keep us whole and washed clean of our sins.

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