Last Supper Room and King David’s Tomb

For almost two thousand years followers of Jesus have been meeting in this room to draw on the strength of the Holy Spirit and to relive the many miracles that occurred here.

It was here that Jesus met with his disciples and celebrated the Passover commemorating the sacrificial lamb that was replaced by the Master’s sacrifice for us. Here Jesus warned his followers that one of them would betray him and all asked, “Is it I Lord?” (Mark 14:18) Here Jesus appeared to his talmidim, his students, after he was raised from the Garden Tomb and Stephen placed his hand in the wounds and fell down before Him to worship Him. And it was here that the Holy Spirit was poured out as tongues of fire on the believers and they gained power from above. This is where the early church in Jerusalem met until they were driven underground by persecution and the martyrdom of James.

Close your eyes and imagine the 12 disciples gathered around the table sharing the Passover meal with Jesus
(Luke 22:7-23). Suddenly he stands and removing his cloak, passes from one to the other, bending down and washing their feet. In your mind imagine the Master washing your feet and cleansing you from the dirt, the sin, of this life.
When you are close to where Jesus actually stood, you are bathed in his glorious presence as were the disciples.

As you leave the Upper room you will pass by King David’s Tomb (1 Kings 2:10). Night and day pious Jews can be found gathered about the tomb praying the Psalms and honoring the memory of this righteous man, this leader of ancient Israel. And so Mount Zion is sacred to both Jew and Christian.
To the Jew in honor of the memory of the great King David, and to the Christian in honor of the sacrifice that Jesus made on that last Passover and his giving of the Holy Spirit freely to all who ask.

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