Churches against Israel Spew Hatred and Discrimination

Recently, UK researchers announced to the public that seventeen skeletons found at the bottom of a medieval well in Norwich, England that is believed to be Jews.

The Jews are believed to have been forced to commit suicide in comparison to submitting to conversion of Christianity.  The autopsy and research determined that the bodies date back to the 12th and 13th centuries.  History proves that Jewish people were exposed to banishments, persecutions and death throughout Europe during this era.  The seventeen Jews were murdered because of “replacement theology” which is an ancient Christian calumny, which argues that due to a denial of Jesus Christ, Jews forfeited God’s promise to them.

Ten centuries later, global Christians are reviving this theology demonology against the heirs of these seventeen Jews, the Jews of Israel.  The World Council of Churches, containing a Christian based-body out of Geneva with a congregation of 590 million members recently ended their four-day conference in Volos Greece.  Not once was criticism uttered against the Islamists who persecute Arabs who believe in Jesus Christ.

The four-day conference also included Lutherans, Protestants and Catholics from Bethlehem and Nazareth and Orthodox Christians from Russia and Greece who attended lectures from Copts and Beirut from Egypt.  The conference declared the Jewish State an “occupying power” and “sinful”.  Jews were accused of dehumanization of Palestinians while calling for resisting the Jews as their Christian duty.

Unbelievably, the world conference denied 3,000 years of Jewish life spent in the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean.  The conference takes a harsh stance against the presence of Israel while dismissing the Jewish state.  They condoned terrorism in the area while justifying it with the premise of “thousands of prisoners who languish in Israel jails,” while also stating that resisting “evil” aka the Jews is a not only a Christians duty but right.

There has been a dangerous and radical increase of attacks on Israel by Catholic and Protestant churches in the last few months.  The United States is home to numerous Christians who support Israel.  European bureaucracy, the media, The United Nations and various legal forums are not only anti-Jewish but also anti-Israel.  They are literally paving the road for what they hope to be a Jewish bloodbath with the theological exclusion of Israel’s Jews from the family of nations.

The patriarch of the Antioch Church, Catholic Melkite Gregory III Laham, stated that there is a Zionist conspiracy against Islam, which was the leading theory that led to many infamous pogroms.  There was once a placed called “The Belgian Jerusalem” in Antwerp where a day titled “Palestine Day” was named.  On this day, anti-Semitic references along with activities for children were created.  One stall at the event was titled “Throw the soldiers into the sea” which allowed children to throw replicas of Israeli and Jewish soldiers into two large water tanks.

Pax Christi who belongs to the most influential international Catholic peace movement urged a boycott of goods produced by Israel in what he stated “in the name of love”.  Sadly, this had led to numerous Israeli shops worldwide to close their doors for business due to the numerous demonstrations they had to endure.  One such shop in Covent Garden called “Ahava” an Israeli cosmetic company in London has recently closed their shop.  The demonstrators were protesting the Ahava body lotion, which in their eyes, contained a satanic symbol of Jewish colonialism on lotion tubes.

Unbelievably, Christian groups such as Troicare, an Irish Catholic group and the Dutch Interchurch Organization are heading divestment campaigns against Israel with both being funded by the EU.  The United Church of Canada recently voted to boycott six Israeli companies, which are Ahava, Elbit Systems, Motorola, Caterpillar and Chapters/Indigo.  South African Bishop Desmond Tutu has successfully convinced the University of Johannesburg to sever all ties with Israel.

In year 2010, the Methodist Church of Britain voted to boycott Israeli products and services from Samaria and Judea.  Pax Christi is also leading a campaign glorifying Mordechae Vanunu who became the whistleblower of Israel’s nuclear program and who converted to Christianity.

Jesus did not teach his followers to fight for “social justice” with utilizing political sovereignty.  Jesus taught his followers that persecution will be experienced and they should endure these situations with meekness and humility while reaching their oppressors with his message of love.

The message sent forth by the World Council of Churches is not supported by God’s word; their message is not even about social justice.  It is obvious that their agenda is about advancing Islam.
Those who let go of the commands of God are performing the devil’s work as well as satisfying their own personal agendas while claiming to be people of God.

Jesus will speak at the end of the world during the great tribulation in the Olevetter discourse.  Jesus stated that the world would be deceived three times.  Man is blind without the Holy Spirit and the restrainer (The Gospel) will be removed and darkness will follow except for a tiny remnant.  The five sleeping virgins and the multitudes will wake up while the hail sweeps away the lies.

Keep your eyes off the flesh world; keep them focused on Jesus Christ only, and walk in covenant with Him, all else is and illusion and vanity”

All people of God should desire for everyone to come to Jesus Christ who is the only salvation no matter race or ethnic background.  Race should never matter but as we can plainly see, organizations such as the World Council of Churches heavily discriminate against the Jewish people.  The bible plainly states that all who follow Jesus Christ in truth will be persecuted which proves true when viewing all the hatred and evil spewed by churches worldwide against Israel.

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