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Touring Israel The Promised Land


“Where Jesus walked” is dedicated to the Glory of God.
Where Jesus walked is a website devoted to help Christians in their spiritual walk.

This website is run and maintained by believers for the benefit of both those who have heard the effective call of God and those who have yet to hear it.

Our aim is to present believers the main stops in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and to encourage you to visit these places. This way you will be able to achieve a tremendous leap in your spiritual walk, like millions of other Christians who come to the Holy Land.

Our Beliefs

1. literal, historical, grammatical interpretation of scripture.

Literal means that we believe that the Bible is the inspired and divine Word of God, and its interpretation must be taken at face value. There are NO errors or discrepancies in the Bible.

Historical means that each passage must be placed in its proper historical setting, and the thoughts, attitudes and feelings of the writers and audience present at the time of the events must be taken into consideration.

Grammatical means that the words written are given meanings consistent with their common understanding in the original language at the time of their writing.

2. We believe that God created the Heavens and the Earth. It is and was no random event or accident.

3. God has a plan for mankind. God gave His Son, Jesus Christ, a remnant of mankind (His church) as a love gift to His Son. In order to receive this gift of His church, Jesus had to die on the cross for our sins, and then resurrect Himself to the right hand of the Father God. God will then bring dispensation upon mankind for its works and its lack of faith in His son. Believers will live with Jesus in God’s new eternal kingdom, while unbelievers will face an eternity away from God.

About Our Website
In Where Jesus Walked you could find all the information you need for this spiritual travel:

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