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September 6th, 2011

A new free service: Send your wish
to the Western Wall

Western Wall, JerusalemFor 2,000 years the apex of holiness on earth, the node connecting heaven with the material are the remnants of the Jewish Temple. The sublime limestone structure that is the Western Wall or Kotel is found in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem. For centuries, sojourners to the cite have placed private messages written on scraps of paper in the cracks between the ancient lime stones, petitioning the Kadosh Baruch Hu – the Holy One Blessed Is He.

Well, now allows all who cannot be present at the Kotel complex in Jerusalem to submit a personal wish at the Holiest site on earth.

Today, more than a million prayer notes and wishes are placed in the Western Wall each year. You can find notes in any language or format placed in the wall. provides this as a free service and profusely appreciates any donation that you can make. When you make a donation, the organization even provides you with video recorded “Wish Placements” which are sent to you when you make a donation. You can submit to a picture, a scanned note, a prayer or blessing or a handwritten note and it will be responsibly placed in one of the fissures between the stones of the ancient Western Wall, remnant of the Second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, Israel.

Most of the Western Wall or Kotel of the Temple Mount, which is roughly 485 meters long, is obscured by the adjoining, newly built buildings in the area. Until June 1967, however, the portion of the wall accessible to sojourners was less than 28 meters long. The aboveground part consisted of 24 rows of stones of various age though mostly dating back to the original structure. The stones were 18 meters, with six meters found above the Temple Mount level.