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June 14th, 2011

The Jerusalem Opera Festival Was an Opportunity of a Lifetime

By Judith Goodall -
The Masada Opera Festival took place on the footsteps of the Masada, in the Judean Desert.  The anticipated festival occurred for the first time in Jerusalem with local churches joining in the festival.  The festival featured top-class opera performances, which made the festival a wonderful gathering for anyone who loves opera.

The opera performances were amazing!

I was amazed at the first-class performers in the festival.  Dimitra Theodossiou, Kirstin Lewis, Micaela Carosi, Marco Berti, Paata Burchuladze, Alberto Gazale, Ambrogio and many others were fascinating to listen to as well as watch.  I was not disappointed with any performance and the majestic way they sang the opera songs was enough to make the most experienced opera fan stand in awe.

Do not tell my husband but I think I am in love…with opera

First-class performers for this year’s festival included Dimitra Theodossiou, Kirstin Lewis, and Micaela Carosi, Marco Berti, Marianne Cornetti, Paata Burchuladze, Alberto Gazale, Ambrogio and many others.  I always enjoyed opera but even I must admit, the Jerusalem Opera Festival with the breath-taking scenery as well as the melodic operas has made me fall in love.

God’s love was apparent

All performances were truly wonderful however, my favorite part of the performances were of Verdi’s “Aida” in Masada at the Dead Sea.  I remember sitting there and hearing the beautiful voices of Arena di Verona conducted by Giuliano Carella while glancing over the calmness of the Dead Sea.  After only a few moments of this serenity, I realized that I felt so at peace with myself.  Was it the music or scenery?  Was it God?  I believe firstly, it was indeed God who granted me the opportunity of a lifetime in attending the festival.  I felt Gods presence everywhere and when the Israeli Opera Chorus joined in the beautiful performance, I felt tears sting my eyes from the beauty of the moment. I knew wholeheartedly that the music my ears were feasting upon was something only God could be responsible for creating.

I was pleased to find how stress-free the purchasing of tickets was made for tourists.  Thankfully, the tickets in Masada and Jerusalem were reserved for tourists with foreign passports.  It is always nice to know that tourists are remembered with special events such as the Jerusalem Opera Festival.

Beautiful and historic area

I have to make a special annotation of Masada.  This gorgeous place sits atop an isolated rocky cliff just off the western end of the Judean Desert that overlooks the Dead Sea.  The locals informed me that Masada is a historical area where remains of King Herod’s fortress was excavated.



The Jerusalem Opera Festival is and was a much-anticipated event for good reason.  The opera stars and other talented performers enabled me to enjoy a festival of a lifetime.  If you are interested in attending this festival in the future, I wanted to share the link where I purchased my tickets, which is  The Festival was an experience I will share with my grandchildren.  If you want to feel God’s love and grace up, close and personal, attend this festival.  You will not be disappointed with the beautiful scenery, opera voices and the excitement of trodding on such historical soil.