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September 5th, 2011

The Amazing Discovery of the Galilee Boat

Jesus BoatBy Alfa Ellita -
The Galilee Boat is one of the most meaningful archaeological treasures in the world in the history of Christians. Two fishermen from the town of Ginosar, was fishing on the shore of Galilee in January 1986, and discovered a peculiar object sticking up out of the mud.

This discovery led to the Galilee boat witnessing the light of day 12 days later.  This historical vessel sank nearly 2,000 years ago.Scholars have stated that the boat was utilized as a fishing boat as well as a ferry boat.  The scholars also stated that the Galilee Boat might have been used in a sea battle against the Romans.

Even with the assumptions and educated statements of the scholars, the fact remains that the Galilee Boat according to Christians worldwide, the boat will and has always been “the Jesus boat”.  No one knows precisely who rode in the boat or what its’ specific purpose was but it serves as a beautiful and powerful visual reminder of the biblical story of Jesus and his disciples who were fishermen themselves. Read more >