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September 5th, 2011

The Amazing Discovery of the Galilee Boat

Jesus BoatBy Alfa Ellita -
The Galilee Boat is one of the most meaningful archaeological treasures in the world in the history of Christians. Two fishermen from the town of Ginosar, was fishing on the shore of Galilee in January 1986, and discovered a peculiar object sticking up out of the mud.

This discovery led to the Galilee boat witnessing the light of day 12 days later.  This historical vessel sank nearly 2,000 years ago.Scholars have stated that the boat was utilized as a fishing boat as well as a ferry boat.  The scholars also stated that the Galilee Boat might have been used in a sea battle against the Romans.

Even with the assumptions and educated statements of the scholars, the fact remains that the Galilee Boat according to Christians worldwide, the boat will and has always been “the Jesus boat”.  No one knows precisely who rode in the boat or what its’ specific purpose was but it serves as a beautiful and powerful visual reminder of the biblical story of Jesus and his disciples who were fishermen themselves. Read more >

August 7th, 2011

Amazing Discovery in Jerusalem: Tiny 2,000-year-old Golden Bell

By Alfa Ellita -
Jerusalem – A tiny golden bell has been found in Jerusalem, which dates back two-thousand years ago.  A sound last heard two-thousand years ago is audible again.  The golden bell dates back to the Second Temple period and was discovered around the ruins near the Old City, Israel’s Antiquities Authority stated last Friday.

The bell has been studied extensively with concluding that it was an adornment sewn onto a garment of a senior official.  The tiny orb measures one-centimeter in diameter and proves to be an amazing discovery.  This discovery occurred during an excavation of the Roman-era drainage channel in the City of David which is an Arab neighborhood of Silwan which lies south of the Old City walls.

The golden bell was discovered inside the main drainage channel taking rainwater from numerous parts of the city to the pool of Siloam, which is mentioned various times in the Bible.  No one will ever know who dropped this beautiful adornment however; it proves obvious that the golden bell belonged to the clothes of a wealthy resident.  In the book of Exodus, it is often mentioned that tiny golden bells were sewn onto the hems of robes belonging to Temple priests.  It has yet to be proven that this particular bell is one of the bells that Bible speaks of within the scriptures.

Eli Shukron of the Israel Antiquities Authority states that the bell likely rolled off someone’s garment and rolled into the drainage channel as its owner was walking by.  Shukron states that the tiny-golden bell is a rare find and the Antiquities Authority is excited in conducting future studies.  Shukron demonstrated for all to hear the metallic sound, which emitted a clink and a rattle from the tiny golden bell.


July 14th, 2011

The History of The Knights of Templar

By Alfa Ellita -
The Knights of Templar were a group of Christian warrior-monks who dedicated their entire lives to occupying the sacred Temple Mount in Jerusalem after the first Crusade.  The warrior-monks safeguarded the sacred temple for traveling pilgrims.  The Knights of Templar were dedicated to a life of poverty, chastity and obedience in the hope that these things would lead them to a martyred death on a battlefield.

The description of The Knights of Templar would lead all of us to believe that they were super humans, capable of withstanding life’s temptations but they were in indeed human with exercising chaste, at least with women within their own social class.  They were impoverished but the true wealth lay within their organization and the church.  Their obedience was evident, especially when it furthered their own goals.

King Baldwin II of Jerusalem formed the knights originally in 1118 A.D with nine members who were French.  Shortly afterwards, they found backing from the Roman Papacy which is where the majority of their influence and strength derived from in association with the church.

The Knights of Templar found themselves stationed in the Holy Land for an extended period.  During their extended stay, they were exposed to eastern medicine, knowledge, philosophies and religions.  The knights were always outnumbered in battle but they continually fought bravely with great combative intelligence.  Their bravery has been annotated in history as stoically legendary.

Over the centuries, the Catholic Church and wealthy families funded the conquests of The Knights of Templar with aiding the warrior-monks to amass wealth and power unmatched by any other organization.  The knights are responsible for implementing the earliest form of banking with creating checks where people could deposit money in one Templar facility and be issued a check for withdrawal away from the Templar location.  The Knights of Templar during the middle ages were the most powerful financial organization in the world.

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July 2nd, 2011

Biblical Burial Box Proves Genuine According To Israeli Scholars

By Alfa Ellita -
June 29, Israeli scholars have announced that an estimated two-thousand year old burial chest is authentic.  The Israel Antiquities Authority has officially stated that the chest appeared to contain the name of a relative of a high priest named Caiaphas who is mentioned in the New Testament of the bible.

This recent discovery offers proof of the existence of the biblical priest Caiaphas who was a temple priest and mentioned in the New Testament.  According to the bible, he was a close adversary to Jesus and he played a major role in the crucifixion of Jesus.

The stone chest discovered was utilized to store bones.  The chest is unusually decorated with stylish shapes of bears and flowers.  An inscription was discovered of “Miriam” who was the daughter of Yeshua who was a son of Caiaphas the priest of Maaziah from Beth Imri.

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June 22nd, 2011

Historical Church Has Been Unearthed Dating Back To The Byzantine Period

By Alfa Ellita -
A 1,500 year old church has been unearthed in Acre, in northern Israel.  The church structure was discovered by The Israel Antiquities Authority and derives from the period of the Byzantine Empire.  This amazing piece of history was uncovered during a rescue excavation following an unauthorized digging in the area.  The unearthing of this church was performed approximately one-hundred meters west of a mound in the eastern part of Acre.  This area is where the Azrieli shopping mall is planned to be constructed.


The city of Acre proves influential on the history of Christianity

This discovery of the ancient structure proves the city of Acre’s role in the early period of Christianity.  What makes this discovery so amazing is that no artifacts have been discovered, until now from the Byzantine Period with the exception of living quarters located near the Mediterranean Sea.

The size of the historical church and the particular style of the architecture are proof that it was a public building that was utilized in the bishop’s city of Acre during the Byzantine period.  There are other indicators that the origin is definitely “Christian” such as the tiles on the roof, shards, rings and remnants of ornate marble.  The city’s bishop according to scripture proved very influential in developing the Christian religion.


Other amazing discoveries found

The Archaeologists were amazed upon discovering clay pipes along with a mosaic floor in one of the historic rooms underneath the walls.  There is proof that a water-well supplied the building with water.  The city of Acre during the Byzantine Empire is often mentioned in Christian scriptures.  Amazingly, bishops from Caesarea and Acre participated in conferences discussing and focusing on establishing core Christian principles.

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