Nazareth is the home of Joseph and Mary. It was from Nazareth that Joseph and his wife traveled to Bethlehem where the child Jesus was born (Luke 2:1-7).
Warned in a dream to flee with mother and child to Egypt (Mathew 2:13), he is later told again by an angel to return with the child to Nazareth (Mathew 2:19-20), where he settled with his family two thousand years ago (Mathew 2:21-23).
In this small agricultural village, Joseph and Mary raise their son Jesus the future Messiah of Israel.

Today Nazareth is a fairly large urban center distinguished by its churches and especially the Church of the Annunciation, the largest church in the Middle East, built on the spot where the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she was to bear
a son who would be the savior of her people (Luke 1:26). There are archeological remains of a house from the time that Jesus lived in the village that some believe may even be that of Joseph and Mary. You can stand within the recovered ruins of this small and modest abode that was typical of the homes of that age. The structure consists of two rooms and a courtyard in which a rock-hewn cistern collected rainwater.

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If not this very home, than it was to one very much like
it that Joseph and Mary returned after journeying with their three-year-old son Jesus, from Alexandria in Egypt.
Mary must have been very happy to be able to finally settle down in familiar surroundings after her life on the road.
In a short time, husband Joseph must have been able to find work as a carpenter and to return to his trade. Although He may have missed being with His Alexandrian playmates,
the young Jesus must have been very happy to have a home of His own to run about in and to play. Although they may have agreed to keep it to themselves, by this time Joseph and Mary must have been very excited about raising a child
of promise, one that would be a leader of His people.
As Jesus grew into a young man, He must have enjoyed watching His father work in his small shop making yokes
and plows and doing other woodwork. As He grew older he must have joined in and learned the craft himself.
You can imagine Him busy at His workbench with His father Joseph working various wood and leather objects in the carpenter shop.

But Nazareth was not always a friendly place for Jesus
for it was also here that as a man, after teaching in its synagogue His fellow townsmen tried to throw Him off of a cliff (Luke 4:20-30).

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